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At Oztech Tiling & waterproofing Pty Ltd, we have extensive experience of fixing tiles of all types of surfaces . Nothing is a problem , and can be resolved by us so you have peace of mind. Ours skilled tradesmen are regarded for their excellent quality , standards and workmanship. We have experience in all aspects of tiling including marble, granite , polished porcelain , slate and sandstone . We can install tiles whatever size you like to your kitchen , bathrooms, family rooms , bedrooms , garage or any of your outdoor areas . We will take you through the layouts of your project so that you are involved in the end result or we can simply do everything for you. Bedrooms Bathrooms Driveways Laundries Decks Living areas Garages Pools Patios WATERPROOFING Fully qualified & licenced waterproof application for wet areas , patios, retaining walls ,balconies & decks. Waterproofing application lasts approximately 8 to 10 years if applied correctly. The Waterproofing membranes can be compromised after that period of time and earlier in some cases if its not applied to Australian standards by a licensed tradesman. Faulty waterproof application can cause a lot of damage and should be maintained on a regular basis. Bathrooms Patios Retaining Walls Laundries Decks Pools

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